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Publisher ensures that original research work and good science is published.

Preparation of Copy

Submitted manuscripts should contain some definable and original contribution. Articles should be 12 to 15 typed double spaced pages including footnotes and references. The peer-review process of evaluating the manuscript normally takes maximum of 3 to 6 months time. Before submitting the paper, please prepare copy according to the journal which includes the following:

  1. Please submit your articles / research works online or through email at, including  indented matter, footnotes, and references, double spaced, and on one side of the page or send a CD by post.
  2. All major headings should be capitalized and centered. All sub-headings should be on left hand and underlined. Text immediately follows the sub-heading.
  3. Provide inside page heading of the article.
  4. Capitalize all letters of the title of tables and figures. Insert a location note in numerical order in the text, e.g., “ Table 1 about here”.
  5. References must be mentioned in the text and marked like ‘(Plauth et al., 2009)’ and so on. But references should be typed in the end with full details. 
  6. References which are not mentioned in text will be deleted.
  7. Papers where references are mentioned in the text and not found in references will not be published and sent back for corrections / amendments.
  8. According to the NAAS guidelines, the appearing references of the research article should be within the period of 10 years from the current year (now 2019) for example the references taken should be within the year 2009-2019, in some cases 1 or 2 reference older than 10 years can be taken provided they are formulas / standard scales. Secondly the references used should be mentioned in the main text for example if you are giving a reference, “John (2008)”, it should be mentioned at the relevant place where it relates in the text.

Adopted Policy for the consideration of articles

The articles are referred to some member of our editorial board specialist of subject. We check the originality of the research work from internet at the time of receiving the articles and also take undertaking from authors that research work is their original work. For any violation of copyright, author/s will be held responsible. In future volumes research works will be referred to 2 reviewers as per COPE guidelines. Members of editorial board, advisory / reviewers are being increased.
Suggestions for referees from the authors are welcome though these recommendations may or may not be accepted by the subject specialist of editorial board/ advisory board and reviewers.

Time taken for the review process

The manuscripts are generally reviewed within maximum of 3-4 months. If the referees report disagrees, we return the articles to authors for necessary corrections with referee’s comments. After necessary corrections by authors, the revised article is again sent to concerned referee for his/her approval.
Referees advice the subject editor, who takes final decision to accept or reject the article. If editor provides his acceptance for publication, then article is put in publishing process.

To Become a Referee / Reviewer

If you are not currently a referee or reviewer but would like to be added to the list of referees / reviewers, please email at to Managing Editor with your complete details like name, subject specialty, present designation and institute /university of affiliation.
The benefits of referring articles are that you get opportunity to see and evaluate the latest work in your research area. You will be able to cite your work as part of your professional development requirements for various professional organizations and societies.
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