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Ethical Standard

Academic and Law Serials publishes following 3 Peer reviewed Journals

  1. INDIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL RESEARCH (6 issues in a year) publishes research works in the fields of Agriculture Extension, Sociology, Social Work, Social Psychology, Social Medicines, Agricultural Technologies and Extension, Dairy Science Technologies and Extension, Veterinary and Fisheries Extension, Food and Nutrition, Elderly related topics, Public health and other research works in the benefit of society as a whole.
  2. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FAMILY AND HOME SCIENCE (3 issues in a year) publishes research works in the fields of Child Development, Community Living, Family Resource Management, Family Health and Nutrition, Food Packaging and Storage, Clothing and Textiles, Home Economics, Home Management, Human Resource Development, Home Science Extension and Education, and other topics related to Home Sciences.
  3. INDIAN JOURNAL OF GEOMORPHOLOGY (2 issues in a year) publishes original research works dealing with all aspects of Geomorphology and inter-disciplinary fields including geo-sciences, GPS, GIS, Remote Sensing, Mapping and research articles on lakes, rivers, marine science and Oceanography.
In all the 3 journals, the articles are being sent by different departments of Agricultural and Veterinary Universities (extension sections), Extension Department of Fisheries Institutions, Food Science Institutions, Research Institutions and other Academic Universities on the subjects covered by each journal.

Responsibilities of Author

  1. Author should maintain the originality of the content being submitted.
  2. Author needs to submit the signed copyright form / letter while submitting the research article.
  3. Author has to declare any potential conflicts of Interest.
  4. Author must follow the Journal’s guidelines before submission of the manuscript.
  5. Author must cooperate with the Reviewer, Editor or any other team member in the process of reviewing the article.
  6. Author must confirm about the submitted article to the Journal that it has not been sent to any other journal for the consideration.
  7. The data provided in the form of table/s should be original, updated and accurate.
  8. Authors should Provide Copyright Rights about the Images, Graphs in the manuscript.
  9. Author should ensure than any studies involving human or animal subjects conform to National, Local and Institutional Laws and requirements (E.g. WMA Declaration of Helsinki, NIH Policy on Use of Laboratory Animals, EU Directive on Use of Animals) and confirm that approval has been sought and obtained where appropriate. Authors should obtain express permission from human subjects and respect their privacy.

Responsibilities of Reviewers

  1. Maintain the efficiency in assigned work.
  2. Reviewer keeps all the documents provided by the management confidential.
  3. Reviewer should not disclose any information to the third party.
  4. The reviewer should not retain or copy the document for own purpose.
  5. Reviewer should inform to editor about plagiarism / duplicity of the article, if he finds at all.

Responsibilities of Editors

  1. The editor act neutral to Religious Sentiments, Political Statements, Caste or Geographic Origin of the Authors.
  2. Follow the Publication procedure in regular submission as well as Special Issue Submission.
  3. The editor checks whether the article meets Academic Criteria and whether article followed the guidelines of the Journal.
  4. The editor gives the opportunity to authors to respond to their corrections in the article. If they are not able to respond in time they are given, consider article for the next issue without delaying the issue in hand.
  5. Editor checks the background of the Author/s, submitting their article as in the form of their CV while providing Online.
  6. The editor maintains all the documents related to a particular article starting from the submission to the Publication.

Responsibilities of Publisher

  1. Academic and Law Serials ensure the readers about the originality of the content.
  2. Academic and Law Serials ensure that good practice is maintained.
  3. Academic and Law Serials ensure timely publication without any delay.
  4. Academic and Law Serials will mutually solve any conflict between Editor and Author.

Unethical Behavior and Misconduct Identification

  1. Unethical behavior and misconduct may be identified and brought to the attention of the publisher / editor by any one.
  2. Unethical behavior and misconduct may include, but need not be limited to above outlined examples.

As we follow COPE guidelines, please go through the link for further details:

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