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A Comparative Study on Corporate Social Responsibility Practices of JSW Steel Limited. & NMDC Ltd. in Ballari District of Karnataka State

Venkatesha K

Research Scholar
P G Department of Studies and Research in Commerce
V S K University, Jnana Sagara Campus Ballari- 583104, Karnataka

Ramesh Olekar

Associate Professor & Chairman
P G Department of Studies and Research in Commerce
V S K University, Jnana Sagara Campus Ballari- 583104, Karnataka.


Corporate Social Responsibilities is playing dominate & collective effort of giving back to the society through donations and charities. Companies do make impact through their business initiatives like infrastructure development, human rights address and labour laws, environment protection and other vital social amenities in the name of CSR. CSR was voluntary aspects for companies before 2013 but after that Govt. of India amended its 50 years historical Company Act 2013 which is enlightens on mandatory contribution to CSR expenditure. And also India is the first nation in the world introduced CSR as mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility of both public and private company.
Hence the researcher will going to elaborate polices & guidelines of mandatory CSR polices of new Companies act in India. Further second part of the study deals with two major companies those are JSW Steel Ltd. and NMDC Ltd. In Ballari district of Karnataka, both companies taking number of CSR initiatives comparing those initiatives with New Companies Act 2013 section 135. Finally researcher will reveal impact of New Law on CSR Expenditure and aloe depicting the CSR implementation mechanism of both company, at lastly researcher bring a Proposed Model for CSR Project implementation as per the new norms in India.

Key words: CSR Polices and Initiatives, CSR Budget & Expenditure, Project Implementation Mechanism, Proposed Model for CSR Project Implementation.

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