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A Cross-sectional Study of Socio-Economic Status and Quality of Life: A case study of Ormanjhi Block, Ranchi

Kumari Neha

M.Phil Research Scholar
University Dept. of Geography
Ranchi University, Ranchi


The Socio Economic status is often measured as a combination of education, income and occupation. It is commonly conceptualized as the social understanding or class of an individual or group. Socio economic status indicates one’s access to collectively desired resources, be they materials, goods, money, power, friendship, networks, healthcare, leisure time or educational opportunities and it is such resources that enable individuals and/or groups to prosper in the social world. The main objective of the present study is to analyze the levels of socio-economic conditions of people residing at Ormanjhi block in Ranchi district. The aim is to study the pattern of income, expenditure and savings of individual, health status, and housing and infrastructure facilities. The present investigation will be carried out at the Ormanjhi block. Ormanjhi is located in sub-locality, Ranchi district Jharkhand state of India. The latitude and longitude extension is 23°17’ to 23°23’ and 85°14’ to 85°17’ respectively. This investigation will be completed through questionnaire, personal interview and collecting of other relevant information of the block. The primary data will be obtained through field survey and the secondary data sources will be census of India, 2011 that will be represented by suitable cartographic technique.

Taking the above-mentioned methodology into account the present study tries to serve the purpose of categorising the tribal people in different socio-economic strata.

Keywords: Socio economic status, Income, Ormanjhi, Ranchi.

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