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A Geographical Study of Fresh Mango Export in Malda District, West Bengal

Md Najmus Saadat

Assistant Teacher
Uttar Lakshmipur High School (HS)
Uttar Lakshmipur, Malda-732207

Krishnendu Gupta

Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan-731235


India is the largest producer of mango in the world accounting for about 36.19% of world total production.In terms of export, India’s position is very negligible in the world both in quantity and value accounting for about 1.35% and 1.39% respectively. In West Bengal, Malda district was purposively selected for the study, as the district has largest area under the crop and also account for highest production in the state. An attempt has been made to study the trend and spatial pattern of mango exportinthe district and to examine the constraints for the same. The entire study is based on the secondary sources of data.The data gathered for different periods were analysed using Descriptive Statistics like Mean and the current changes in the data over the base period. The result finds that about 70% of district’s total produce and more than 99% of total export entered into Bangladesh and less than 1% is exported to the rest of the world. The study also finds that district experience downturn trend in export owing to import duty hike by Bangladesh Government. Under this backdrop, we can conclude that it calls an urgent attention to policy makers to exploit international mango markets in the more economically well off nations.

Key Words: Mango Export, Export Infrastructure, Export Promotion, Mango Economy.

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