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A Study on Working Conditions of Contract Labour of BMM & JSW Steel Company

Karibasamma N

Research Scholar
Department of Studies and Research in Social Work
VSK University, P.G Centre
Nandihalli- Sandur.

Pavitra R Alur

Assistant Professor
Department of Studies and Research in Social Work
VSK University, P.G Centre


Contract Labour is a significant and growing form of employment. The practice of employing contract labour is observed all over the world and has been in operation since ages. Contract labour generally refers to “Workers employed by or through an intermediary on work of any establishment”. Such labour can be distinguished from the direct workers in terms of employee-employer relationship and the method of wage payment. The contract workers do not have any direct relationship with the principal employer. It has a distinct way of working unlike in any other classes of labour like permanent, temporary, casual, etc. The contract system is based on triangular relationship between the user enterprises, the contractors including the sub-contractors, and the worker. The main objective of the present study is to study the working conditions, which, inter-alia include wages and Earnings, welfare facilities, social security and industrial relations of the contract labour in Selected industries of Ballari District.

Key words: Welfare Facilities, Social Security and Industrial Relations.

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