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Acceptability and Sensore Evaluation of High Fiber Products by Using Lentil and Wheat Bran

Archana Singh

Advisor and Assistant Professor
KNIPSS Sultanpur (U.P)

Alkama Ayoub

M.Sc Research Scholar
KNIPSS Sultanpur (U.P)


The objective of present investigation was to “Standardized and Development of lentil & wheat bran based products” like pancake, hulwa. Dietary fibre intake provides many health benefits. A generous intake of dietary fibre reduces the diseases coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and certain gastrointestinal disorder, for there more increased consumption of dietary fibre improves serum lipid concentration, lower blood pressure improves blood glucose controlling diabetes, aids in weight loos, and improves immune function. This result from suboptimal intake of whole grain, food, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and nuts, dietary fibre supplements have the potential to play and adjunctive role in offering the health benefits provided by high fibre food. The developed products were given to the panel of 9 judges, products were tested for flavour and taste, body and texture, colour and appearance, overall acceptability. The Organoleptic evaluation of products was done by using score card method (8-point hedonic scale). The result of developed products i.e. pancakes and hulwa (T0) & (T1) was best in all treatments in case of all sensory attributes. The overall acceptability (T1) pancake, hulwa 8.4, 8.4

Keyword: Acceptability, Development, Investigation, Evaluation.

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