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Adoption of Agricultural and Allied Technologies by Trained Rural Women

Nagaratna C. Kurbetta

Part of the M. H Sc. (ECM)
University of Agricultural Sciences
Dharwad-580 005, Karnataka, India

Uma S. Hiremath

Professor of Extension
Directorate of Extension, UAS
Dharwad-580 005, Karnataka, India.


A variety of extension programmes are implemented for creating awareness, educating and motivating the farmers, farm women and rural youth to adopt and manage the improved and new agricultural and allied technologies in the field. The study was conducted in Dharwad district of Karnataka state. Total 150 rural women trained under District Agricultural Training Centre (DATC), Dharwad were selected for the study. With help of pre tested interview schedule the required data was collected from the selected respondents. Analysis of the study revealed that among the different technologies like Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Integrated Farming System (IFS), dairy management, seed treatment and organic farming dairy management got highest overall adoption index (57.50) followed by seed treatment (42.91) and integrated pest management. Whereas, less overall adoption index was found in integrated farming system (30.83) and organic farming (32.92). Lack of financial assistance was the main constraint in adoption of technologies as expressed by 89.33 per cent of trained rural women followed by lack of market facility (69.33%). Other problems were high cost of raw materials (56.00%), lack of guidance (20.66%), non co-operation and lack of encouragement of family members (12.66%) and availability of raw materials and lack of adequate time (9.33% each).

Key Words: Adoption, Agriculture, District Agricultural Training Centre, Rural Women.

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