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An Empirical Study of Kandha Tribe of Koraput District: A Primitive Tribe of Odisha

Ashis Mohapatra

Guest Faculty
P G Department Of Culture Studies
Utkal University of Culture
Madanpur, Bhubaneswar, Odisha


This research paper examines the socio cultural way of life Kandha of Koraput district, a primitive tribe of Odisha. The Odishan culture has been nourished and nurtured by the tribal traditions from ancient times. The socio-cultural life of different primitive tribal communities of Odisha is affluent with their own customs, traditions, indigenous practices and folk songs, dances etc. Koraput district occupies a unique as well as important place in the Odisha state because of its large concentration of tribal population, especially the Kandha, a primitive tribe. Considering the levels of development and the region they dominate the Kandha are divided into several sub-sections such as Kutia Kandha, Dongria Kandha, Desia Kandha and Jharia Kandha etc., however the primitive section of the Kandhas communities are found largely in Koraput district.

Key words: Kandha, Koraput, Tribe, Odisha.

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