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Can Judicial Decisions Lead to Environmental Sustainability? A Study in the Context of Northeast India

Joanna Mahjebeen

Assistant Professor
Dept of Political Science
Gauhati University, Guwahati


The North-eastern region of India presents itself as a unique region with complex geographies and ecological components. The diversity of land forms, natural resources and population which characterise the region have often given rise to conflicts and competition which pose challenges to issues of sustainability, people’s lives and other ecological components. Under such circumstances, environmental governance assumes significance especially with the transformation of the traditional roles of many public institutions, who are taking up and intervening in areas never intruded before. The role of the judiciary for effective environmental governance has been stressed in recent times in the region given the growing complexity of global environmental problems, conflicts over the use of natural resources and the need for new approaches to deal with the crisis. The article delves into the role of the judiciary in adjudicating environmental issues of Northeast India with particular reference to the Gauhati High Court and analyses in what ways these have contributed to sustainable living.

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