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Case Study of Marine Fisheries Cooperative Societies in Village Versova-Mumbai of Maharashtra State, India

Suhas Wasave

Ph. D. Scholar
Central Institute of Fisheries Education
Mumbai – 61

Arpita Sharma

Principal Scientist
Central Institute of Fisheries Education
Mumbai – 61

Sangita Wasave

Assistant Professor
College of Fisheries, Shirgaon
Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India


Fishing village Versova inhabited by Koli community has three multi-purpose marine fisheries cooperative societies for more than six decades. The membership in societies is more than 3000. The cooperatives are financially sound having valuable assets. Cooperatives are functional in supply, services and marketing activities. Majority of central and state government schemes for fisher member are channelized through cooperatives. Cooperatives actively participate in many kinds of welfare activities such as religious, educational and financial assistance to affected fisher member. Cooperatives are facing problems in administration, fishing, infrastructure, marketing and social issues. To sustain cooperatives and for sustainable fisheries also, the central and state government needs to take immediate action.

Key words: Fisheries Cooperatives, Case Study.

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