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Cloud Computing: Applications of new technology in Libraries of Bangladesh

Nazmus Sakib

Institute of Library and Information Science
Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Md. Enamul Haque

Librarian (In charge)
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Md. Ehteshamul Haque Farabi

CSE Student
Independent University of Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh


We are living in information age with new technology. According to 5th law of library science, library is a growing organism. In information age the delivery of library services is changing. A well-organized library is the hurt of higher education. Now-a-days most of the information is in digital format. So, modern technology should use in library to store digital information which can retrieve by various users. Cloud computing helps to store libraries digital information and it is the step of paperless library. To meet with the challenge of information explosion and fulfill the vision 2021, Bangladesh needs cloud computing and digital library system. This article provides a holistic understanding of cloud computing and digital libraries including its present context and future directions. This paper also focused on opportunity and developments efforts to overcome the challenges of cloud computing for libraries. The paper shows that cloud computing technology is the new leap in library services. It will become more effective and more professionals. It helps to change library services towards the green library services.

Key words: Cloud Computing, Cloud Architecture, Library Services, Cloud And Applications, Library.

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