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Correlates and Predictors of Quality of Life Among Victims of Domestic Violence

Sujatha Koshy

Pratima Kaushik
Assistant Professor
Amity University Uttar Pradesh


Despite domestic violence being a very common problem in individuals with severe mental illness, there is very little research in this setting. Multiple barriers exist to disclosure by users and enquiry by providers. The present study aimed to investigate the relationship psychological distress, social support and quality of life among victims of domestic violence. For this purpose, various NGO’s in Delhi and NCR who support victims of domestic violence were approached. The subjects included 100 married women (22-45 years of age) who were victims of domestic violence. SSQ (Sarason, I.G., Levine, H.M., Basham, R.B., et al. (1983), DAS-21 (Marianna Szabo, 2010), and WHOQOL-BREF (WHO, 1996) were employed. Correlation coefficient and regression analysis was done. The findings suggested that both psychological and psychosocial factors such as depression, anxiety, stress, social appraisal, belongingness and tangibility can have a significant impact on quality of life of victims of domestic violence.

Key words: Domestic violence, Psychological distress, Social support, Quality of life, Belongingness

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