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Developmental Challenges of Young Children Among Tribal Families (six months to one year)

M Deepa

Scientist (Home Science)
Krishi Vigyan Kendra
Sri Venkateswera Veterinary University

M Sarada Devi

Professor & Head
Department of HDFS
PJTSAU, Hyderabad


Andhra Pradesh and Telangana consist of total 34 tribal groups and they constitute population of about 4.4 million. Banjaras were called with different names such as Banjaras, Sugalis and Lambadas. Nearly 10 percent of population lives in Telangana region, three percent live in Rayalseema and two percent live in Andhra region. Any delay in reaching the milestones during the first few years of life will ultimately affect the way a person interacts with the surrounding society. Experimental research design and exploratory research design was used to conduct the study and plan the intervention programme for group of tribal families and children. Two hundred and fifty families were selected randomly in the age group of below 30 years. Children below 24 months were selected to assess the growth and development. Bayley scale of infant development scale was used to assess the developmental delays among children along with interview schedule. Only few children in the age group of twelve months of age showed delayed motor skills. Observation of clinical signs among infants revealed that most of them had skin rashes and they were left on mud floors without any care, this could lead to many infections which may affect health. Children with poor health may lag behind their developmental norms.

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