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Drop Out Among Dalit Children and Provisions for Re-schooling Under RTE 2009

Randhir Kumar

Research scholar
Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Mumbai, Maharashtra (India)


Post independent India has witnessed many changes in Indian society directly or indirectly impacting everyone’s life. However, the situation of the scheduled caste (SC) people has not improved to a great extent as compared with most of the upper caste groups. They continue to be socially and economically backward as before. They work hard and earn less, and they experience discrimination in their everyday life. Although access to schooling has increased for the SCs, retention, and completion of schooling are major issues for them. This paper explores the reasons for their drop out from primary school in remote rural areas of Jharkhand and to see if the government’s new Right to Education (RtE) Act address the issue of their drop out

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