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Manju Lata

Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
R.G. (PG) College
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh (India)


Education is a process by which a child makes his internal, an external. Education is a process of living. It is a preparation for future living. Without education human being is equal to animal. This paper is particularly focused on that education is helpful in the development and in the happiness of female. Female of this modern era is more aware and capable in herself or independent due to her education. While female of the ancient time was dependent on male only for the lack of education. This paper discovers how the education is helpful in the development of female and how the education is helpful for making a happy life for female. The present study has been carried out in Bulandshahar District of Western Uttar Pradesh. All 100 respondents are female and college going students. The data for the present study has been collected from 100 respondents for the require fulfilment of the information .The data has been collected by observation method and interview schedule .Data has been selected by using the purposive sampling. This paper concludes that due to education female is getting the respect in this society. Education has made her life more comfortable, respective and dependent. Education is the cause of her happiness and a comfortable life. Now female is not the thing only for the male society she has her own existence. Only four walls of the house is not her working place and to give birth to a child is not her only work and use in this society.

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