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Effectiveness of CSR Programmes (Employees vs. Beneficiaries Perspectives) – An IT Sector Undertaking

Clayton Michael Fonceca

Asst. Professor
P G & Research Department of Social Work
Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur – 635601

A. Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan

Associate Professor
P G & Research Department of Social Work
Bishop Heber College, Trichy – 620017


An organization is a part of the society and thus it cannot function in isolation. So there is an obligation and responsibility from the part of the corporate to take action that protects and improves the welfare of society as a whole along with their own interest (Keith Davis, 1975). Literature review reveals that corporates are expected to operate in the interest of society and have a sense of obligation. The growth in the service sector in India has been led by the IT–ITES sector, contributing substantially to increase in GDP, employment, and exports. Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives play an important role in the outcome of the project reflecting the development of the community.
The study was conducted to analyze the effectiveness of CSR Programmes carried out by the organization with regard to the perspectives of the Employees and the Beneficiaries (Community). The study was conducted in one of the top IT Sectors in Tamil Nadu, India. The census method was applied and all the 137 employees responsible for the CSR practices of the organization were taken for the study. The researcher also adopted the two phase sampling technique to collect valuable responses from the beneficiaries of the community which constituted of 107 respondents respectively. The descriptive research design was adopted and standardized instruments were used to facilitate responses from both employees and beneficiaries.

The present study clearly highlights how employees view the CSR Programmes administered by the organization. It also reveals the extent to which the beneficiaries of the community view these programmes. The findings presented denote a difference of opinions with regard to the employees and the beneficiary’s perspective with regard to the CSR Activities of the organization.

Key words: Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR Programmes, Employees & Beneficiaries etc.,

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