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Egg and Chicken Consumption Pattern among Backyard Poultry Farmers in Karaikal Region of Puducherry

P Athilakshmy

Assistant Professor
Department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education
Madras Veterinary College
Chennai-600 007

S.V.N. Rao

Professor & Head (Retd)
Department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary and Research
Kurumbapet, Puducherry-605 009


The data collected from a sample of 120 Backyard Poultry farmers drawn from six villages in two communes of Karaikal, one of the regions of Puducherry UT revealed that the annual per capita consumption of eggs in most of the respondent families was found to be higher than the national average of 62 eggs per capita. Majority of the households consumed 101-300 eggs per year from their own farm while equal number of eggs was purchased from the market. Thus these results showed that the existing BYP farming was not able to meet the requirement for family consumption and hence the farmers were forced to purchase eggs from the local market. Majority of the families (93%) consumed chicken meat by purchasing from the local market and the average consumption per family per year was amounted to about 19 kg. Further, only 28.00 per cent of the families who consumed chicken meat from their own farm indicated that majority of them did not prefer such birds for consumption. Thus, it could be inferred from the study that by popularizing improved strains of backyard poultry at village level would increase the production of both eggs and chicken which ensures nutritional security of the backyard poultry rearing families.

Key Words: Nutritional Security, Annual Per Capita Egg Consumption, Backyard Poultry.

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