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Elderly Women’s Work: Neglected or Noticeable (A Case Study of Slum Areas of Aligarh City)

Sana Hashmi

Research Scholar
Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies
Aligarh Muslim University
Aligarh – 202002 (U.P.)


Nowadays, both in developed as well as in developing countries the topic of “ageing” requires special attention because the population of elderly people and the dependency ratio among them is high and continuously on the rise. This paper deals with the current condition of elderly women in the slum areas of Aligarh city, because these areas are the poorest and the most neglected segment of the society. The investigator has used a personal interview schedule from elderly women of these areas to know their participation in the economy. Due to lack of employment and lesser income, the young generation of these areas leaves their elder parents in a helpless condition. That is why they have no choice but to work and earn money for their basic needs i.e., food, shelter and clothes. The situation is even worst for women because they are illiterate so there is a slim chance of them getting respectable jobs, and they have to compromise to work as a domestic labourer, a bagger, a constructor, etc. Usually, elderly women of these areas take care of their grandchildren, and they help in domestic activities. As per the definition given by sociologists and theorists this work is not considered as productive. In this study, it is concluded that the elderly women are engaged in some activities but their participation in the rising economy is always neglected and people think that their contribution is not worth discussing.

Key words: Ageing, Elderly Women, Economy, Neglected, Slums.

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