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Evaluation of Front Line Demonstrations on Maize in Hilly Region of Jammu and Kashmir State

Rakesh Sharma and Vikas Tandon
K V K Rajauri

Sanjay Khar
K V K Jammu

Puneet Choudhary and Bharat Bhusan


Maize is the main crop of kharif season and plays a major role in supplementing the income of the small and marginal farmers of the district Rajouri of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) state. The maize growers used to sow grains of previous years of maize as seeds which constituted major impediment in getting higher yield and better income. To boost maize productivity, front line demonstrations (FLDs) were conducted on hybrid variety of maize at farmers’ field. The results showed that the average yield of the demonstration plots was 35.5 percent more than the check plots which was significant (t=9.394, p=0.000). The results also revealed that there is a scope to increase the productivity of maize in hilly regions if yield gaps between demonstration plots and check plots which ranges between 5.50 and 7.48 qha-1 are minimised by educating the farmers through different extension strategies.

Key Words: Maize, Frontline demonstration (FLD), Productivity.

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