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Extent of Participation of Tribal and Non‑Tribal Farm Women in Animal Husbandry activities in the Goalpara District of Assam

G. Begum

Associate Professor
Department of Economics, Lakhipur College, Lakhipur
Goalpara and PhD Scholar Bodoland University
BTAD, Kokrajhar, Assam

K. Basumatary

Associate Professor
Department of Economics & Dean Faculty of Social Science
Bodoland University, BTAD, Kokrajhar, Assam


A study was conducted in Goalpara District of Assam in order to find out the difference in the level of participation of the tribal and non-tribal farm women in animal husbandry activities and also to see if there was any relationship of their socio-economic traits with the level of participation in animal husbandry activities. Out of the 8 development blocks in the district, two viz. Matia and Lakhipur blocks were randomly selected and from each of these two blocks 20 Tribal and 20 non-tribal farm women were randomly selected, thus making the sample size 80.Data were collected from the respondents individually by the researchers by a pre-tested, reliable and valid interview schedule. These data were processed, compiled and subjected to statistical analysis like frequency, mean, standard deviation, t-test, correlation and regression. The findings revealed that the non-tribal farm women had significantly higher level of participation in animal husbandry activities than their tribal counterparts. Out of the six socio-economic traits only land holding was found to have negative correlation with level of participation in animal husbandry activities. On the other hand, mass media exposure, land holding, livestock units and family size had significant influence on the level of participation in animal husbandry activities. These six variables together could predict about 93.00 per cent of the variation in the level of participation in animal husbandry activities.

Keywords: Animal Husbandry, Farm Women, Tribal, Non-tribal and Participation.

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