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Global Crises and Impact on International Relations

Manju Lata
Department of Sociology,
R.G.P.G. College
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh (India)


International relations have undergone a dramatic transformation as a result of the onset and intensification of global crises. An outline of the connections between global crises and their significant effects on international relations is given in this abstract. It looks at how crises—from pandemics and environmental catastrophes to economic collapses and geopolitical conflicts—have put established conventions and alliances to the test and led to paradigm shifts in international cooperation and diplomacy. This study aims to understand the changing dynamics of international relations in the face of global difficulties by looking at the many facets of these crises. By doing so, it hopes to shed light on the tactics used by different countries to navigate a world that is becoming more linked and complex.

Key words: Global Crisis, International Relations, Geopolitical, Globalization

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