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Growth and Variability of Soybean Production in Madhya Pradesh

Anumeha Choudhary

Ph. D Scholar
Department of Agricultural Economics
Swami Vivekanand University, Sagar (M.P.)


Soybean is the most common growing oilseed crop in Madhya Pradesh due to higher profitability and adaptability in various agro climatic regions. Soybean is grown all over the Madhya Pradesh. It is mostly suitable for sole and mixed cropping systems. Madhya Pradesh is divided into eleven agro climatic regions and the soybean area, production and productivity in different regions shows variation and the variation is also found in different time of periods. Hence, in present study effort has been made to estimate the status of soybean from 1991-92 to 2011-12 as regional disparities during the period of two decades in respect of area, production and productivity in different agro climatic regions of Madhya Pradesh. Study revealed that soybean area, production and productivity in Madhya Pradesh were found to positive and significant i.e. compound growth rate of area was found to be 2.84 per cent per annum, the growth rate in production was found to be 4.01 per cent per annum and growth rate in productivity was found to be 1.17 per cent per annum in overall period. It is also concluded that variability analysis at state level indicates that the acreage variability in soybean area was observed as 18.93 per cent during two decades which is quite abnormal and unjustified. On the other hand, the variability in production of soybean in the state is found as 29.99 per cent and the variability in productivity was found to be normal and nominal i.e. 14.98 per cent.

Key words: Soybean, Growth, Variability, Area, Production and Productivity.

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