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Impact of Food Processing Industry on Society: A Normative Study in the Glimpses of Indian Triumvirate Ethical Value

Arabinda Debnath

Assistant Professor
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Bineswar Brahma Engineering College, Kokrajhar
Assam-783370 (India)

Gunajit Sarma

Assistant Professor of Economics
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Central Institute of Technology, Kokrajhar
Assam-783370 (India)

Mridula Devi

Associate Professor
Department of Economics
Bodoland University
Kokrajhar, Assam-783370 ( India)


In this paper, an attempt is made to examine the impact of various food processing industries on society. In doing so, the Indian Triumvirate Ethical Value is taken as a basis. So, in the glimpses of those values the Food Processing Industries can be ethically reformed for the betterment of the society. To make the study systematizing, the entire paper is divided into three parts. The first part entitled theoretical prospective includes an introduction, concept of Indian Triumvirate ethical values and Food Processing Industry, objective and methodology. The second part entitled Food Processing Industries and Indian Triumvirate Ethical Value is a normative study where food processing industries are suggested to reform in the glimpses of Indian Triumvirate Ethical Values. The third part conclusion presents some finding and suggestion throughout the study and accordingly some recommendations are put forward with a view to reforming the food processing industries strictly on Indian value based system.

Key words: Food Processing Industry, Triumvirate, Indian Ethical-Value.

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