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Impact of Foundation Course Training on Knowledge and Job Performance of Staff of Karnataka State Department of Agriculture

Roopa U. Natagall

Part of the M.H.Sc. (ECM)
University of Agricultural Sciences
Dharwad – 580005, Karnataka, India

Shobha Nagnur

Professor & Head
Department of Extension and Communication Management
College of Rural Home Science
UAS, Dharwad, Karnataka, India


The Staff Training Unit (STU), Directorate of Extension, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad is organizing institutional training courses; field oriented training programmes for various personnel of private, government and quasi-government organizations. The ‘Foundation Course Training’ is one such course where the Agricultural Officers of the Karnataka State, Department of Agriculture are trained. The present investigation was undertaken to study the impact of Foundation Course organized by STU of UAS, Dharwad in terms of job performance and knowledge of the trainees. The study was conducted in seven districts, of the state under the jurisdiction of UAS, Dharwad. The sample for the study consisted of 150 officials of the KSDA who had attended this training during 2013-2014. Mailed questionnaire was used to collect information and suitable statistical tools were used for analyzing the data. The data on socio-personal characteristics of the trained personal revealed that, majority (63.30%) of the trainees were in the age group of 36-50 years, 31 per cent were postgraduates, about 35 per cent of them had 14 to 23 years of total experience and a large majority (90.70%) had high level of information seeking behavior. The knowledge of the trainees was measured in three areas that is, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), organic farming & vermicomposting and extension methods & tools. The findings revealed that about 93 per cent had high knowledge about ICTs, 78.70 per cent of the trainees had high knowledge about organic farming & vermiculture and more than 90 per cent of the trainees had high knowledge about extension methods & tools. With regard to performance 70 per cent of the trainees were in the high job performance category.

Key Words: Foundation Course, Job Performance, Knowledge, Training.

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