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Impact of Land Rights in Empowerment of Rural Women- A Qualitative Study with Respect To Tamilnadu

S Kalpana

Research Scholar
Department of Political Science and Development Administration
The Gandhigram Rural Institute (Deemed to be University)
Gandhigram, India

G Palanithurai

Department of Political Science and Development Administration
The Gandhiram Rural Institute (Deemed to be University)
Gandhigram, India


Regardless of many land policies that stipulate rights to land in various societies, women still continue to be marginalized in right to use and financial operation of land. This is extensive and very common in rural regions wherein informal organizations like ethnicity and traditions exist. In most of these regions, the male-controlled structure of families is supported by the unauthorized organizations that buttress male dominance. In view of this, this current article explores empowerment of women since it summarizes growth in terms of financial wealth of women. Besides, it intends to provide solution for to two main questions: what type of relationship subsists between right to land access and women empowerment and how important are household qualities in reporting to empowerment of women through land rights. Primary Qualitative data has been collected from 12 women belonging to rural region of Tamilnadu and the data was analyzed in order to attain the research objectives. The analysis results of this research has given some new perceptions as they exhibit how land rights have an effect on women’s economic empowerment. Moreover, the study emphasizes that women’s land capacity and earning capacity will possibly lessen when they engage in the duty of becoming the heads of family and explains how political participation of women farmers enhance their empowerment.

Key words: Landrights, Women Empowerment, Rural Women, Tamilnadu Rural Women, Agricultural Land Ownership.

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