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Impact of Socio-Personal Variables on Parental Opinion about Gender Issues

Manjusha Kharole

S. N. D. T. College


India is a developing country. Gender discrimination being dominant in the Indian culture, it has resulted into unequal sex ratio and unequal literacy rate amongst men and women, to name a few. This makes women unequal partners in the process of development. It is known that opinions result into action. Therefore the study was an attempt to carry out an analysis of parental opinion on gender issues. The target population was parents of students from all girls college. Correlation coefficient, multiple regression and ‘F’ tests were applied to derive the conclusion. It was observed that age, education, occupation and caste of the respondent significantly influenced the opinions of parents about age of marriage, education, giving dowry, giving property share to daughters. Only two variables viz. caste and number of children were found to cause significant variability in allotting outside home chores to daughters.

Key words: Parental opinion, Gender issues, Socio-personal variables

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