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Inclusive Ingenuities for Education of Urban Migrant Children and Non-State Providers: A Study of Rangareddy District, Telangana

Prakash Chittoor

ICSSR Post-Doctoral Fellow at CSSEIP
School of Social Sciences
University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad


In present, each society recognized that education is that the rudimentary obligation for the triumph of democracy and advancement of the country. Conferring of this, the founding fathers of Indian constitution acknowledged Universalisation of Elementary Education (UEE) as a vital input for nation building. In easy sense, the aim of the UEE is to create offered free basic educational opportunities to all children of the society, no matter caste, sex and the other discriminatory factors. For this purpose, the state has articulated various policy approaches to fulfill the demand of its huge range of children in India. In spite of unnumbered exertions for education for all, several segments of children, like urban migrants in construction sector stay as excluded cluster from their basic right to education. During this context, non-state providers found huge scope with no profit motive whereas state alone stillborn to handle the requirements of excluded children in urban locations. The non-state providers with few innovative initiatives like worksite schools at construction sites. The aim of this paper is to understand however non-state providers capable in auxiliary the state in makes bound the goal of education for all and the state reaction for non-state provider’s resourcefulness. Further, it conjointly makes an endeavor to grasp the comprehensive ingenuities by non-state actors so as to dispense the educational needs of the children who are in disadvantaged conditions due to their parents’ labour migration in the construction sector of urban locations.

Keywords: Education, Migrant children, Non-state providers, Urbanisation and Worksite schools.

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