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Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol. 61 No. 5 + 6 (September – October + November-December), 2020

K. Anitha KumariA Study on Profile Characteristics of Private Aided Colleges in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh213
S. Anbazhagan,  Justin JosephLifelong Learning and Educational Journalism233
V. Sondhi, A. Kant, B PawarManaging Sports and Academics: A Psychosocial Study on Sports Students in Delhi243
Tazhi Fatima, Anju SrivastavaWomen Empowerment Through Female Literacy265
Manjit Das, Roselin BasumataryImpact of Gender Inequality in Education on Economic Development in India: An Economic Analysis271

Vanita Sondhi, Aanya Gupta


Experiences of People During First Lockdown of COVID-19 Pandemic in Delhi287
Bharadwaj S., Naik K.P., Chittora R.K., Upreti N.C.Awareness Activities with Participatory Approach Change the Mind Set of People of Dongarwadi Village, Maharashtra- Spared Bullocks from Hardship of Travelling Long Distances for Worship – A Case Study301
M. Mohanapriya, D. Balasubramanyam, C. Jothika, K. Senthilkumar, K. DevakiMarketing Pattern of Pork Prevailing Among the Pig Farmers in Tamil Nadu313
A. Moon, S. Murai, P. Ahir, S. Hedau, S. Pendse, P. Ukey, M. Rajan, P. Gajbhiye, N. Nashikkar, K. Darode, A. Mendulkar, P. Gaikwad, A. Randal, N. NagarkarComparative Analysis of IVF Practices and Adoption Ratio in Nagpur Division319
Justin Joseph, S. AnbazhaganMotivational Factors to Join in Equivalency Courses: A Study from Kerala335
Ehteshamul Haque Farabi, Enamul Haque,Hadisur RahmanA Bibliometric Analysis of Ph.D. Theses in the Discipline of the Veterinary Science Submitted to BAU Library in Mymensingh, Bangladesh347
S. Karuppaiyan, P.P. SirajuNeed Assessment Study on Vocational Skill for Equivalency Learners359
Sashi SagolsemRe-viewing Alcohol Consumption and Road Traffic Collision in Delhi371
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