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Influence of School Resources on Educational Outcome of Primary School Children: An Analysis of Sundarban Region of West Bengal

Jhuma Halder

Assistant Professor
Vidyasagar College, Kolkata-6
West Bengal, India


After independence access to schools and school enrolment rate have increased enormously indicating the progress in the field if primary education in the country. Several policies and Acts were implemented to attract the children and to some extent these policies have been successful at least in bringing the children to school. However, educational outcome is nevertheless rather poor across the country. The major responsible factors for the poor educational outcome are poor infrastructure of schools and inadequate number of teachers in schools. To improve students’ learning outcome, maintaining overall pupil teacher ratio is not sufficient but ensuring the availability of a teacher for each grade or section is also required. Most of the rural learners particularly those from geographically vulnerable regions need special attention, and for this, having at least one teacher for one class is the basic necessity.

Key words: Physical Infrastructure, Pupil Teacher Ratio, Per Pupil Teacher Cost and Attendance Rate.

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