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Knowledge Level of Farmers Under FLD’s Regarding Soybean Production Technology in Kota District of Rajasthan

Pravesh Singh Chauhan

Ph.D. scholar
Dept. of Ext. Education
Rajasthan College of Agriculture
Udaipur 313001 (Raj.)

Narpat Singh

Assitt. Professor
Dept. of Ext. Education
OPJS University
Rawatsar Kunjla Rajgarh, Churu 331303 (Raj.)


Present study was conducted in three panchayat samities sangod, ladpura and sultanpur of Kota district of Rajasthan. In all 70 respondents of 6 villages, as beneficiaries farmers and 70 non-beneficiaries respondents were interviewed. The result showed that beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries farmers posses highest knowledge regarding irrigation management of soybean followed by harvest, thrashing and storage. Beneficiary farmers expressed relatively highest knowledge as compared to non-beneficiary with regards to field preparation, High yielding varieties, Seed treatment, Time of sowing, Seed rate & spacing, Fertilizer application, Irrigation management, Weed management, Plant protection measures, Harvesting, threshing & storage. There was highly significant difference between beneficiary and non-beneficiary farmers with regards to knowledge of improved practices about soybean production technology. It depicted definite impact of FLD’s on beneficiary farmers. Plant protection measures, ecological constraints and chemical control of weeds were the chief constraints confronted by beneficiary and non-beneficiary farmers. Contrary ecological constraint, chemical control of weeds and post harvest technology were the major three constraints before beneficiary farmers in adoption of soybean production technology.

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