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Management Practices and Constraints Perceived by Piggery Farmers in Kamrup District of Assam

Janmoni Shyam

Department of Veterinary Extension Education
College of Veterinary Science, AAU, Khanapara

Atul Borgohain

HOD, Dept. Veterinary Extension Education
CVSc, Khanapara
Dibyajyoti Talukdar
RA, Mugagen Lab. Pvt. Ltd


A study on the managemental practices and constraints perceived by of pig farmers in Kamrup district was carried out by contacting one hundred pig farmers each from two developmental blocks namely Chayani-barduar and Rampur in Assam. Pretested interview schedule was used to collect data regarding their management practices namely housing, breeding, feeding, health care, general care and management practices and also the constraints perceived by them. The results revealed that 50% of the respondents constructed concrete houses for their pigs, cent per cent reared crossbred pigs, 60% practiced natural service with boars, 55% fed kitchen waste to their pig followed by 45% gave kitchen waste along with concentrate feed. Only 30% of the farmers vaccinated their pigs against diseases. Cent per cent farmers castrated their male pigs. High cost of feed, lack of appropriate marketing systems, lack of finance, non availability of quality piglets, lack of knowledge on scientific methods of pig farming and lack of timely health care and vaccination facilities were the major constraints faced by the farmers in managing their piggery unit. The study highlighted the management practices and the need to formulate schemes for development of pig production in the study area and alleviate the constraints in order to uplift the economic status of the farmers of this region.

Key words: Management practices, Constraints, Piggery farmers.

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