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Marital Satisfaction and Communication Skills among Married Couples

Farah Haris

M.Sc., Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Farook College (Affiliated to University of Calicut)
Kerala, India

Aneesh Kumar P.

Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Christ University
Bengaluru, India


Communication styles among the couples may have a key association with marital satisfaction. Marital communication patterns vary across cultures. The present study aims to understand the relationship between marital satisfaction and communication skills among married couples. Further this study aims to find out the influence of demographics such as age, gender, years of marriage on marital satisfaction. The sample for the present study consisted of 50 couples, (50 wives and 50 husbands) from Kannur district, Kerala. Marital Satisfaction Scale and Interpersonal Communication Inventory were administered on the couples. With the supporting studies, results have shown that the interpersonal communications among couples can predict satisfaction of their marital life. The study findings highlight the influence of gender and other demographic factors on marital satisfaction. The results of the study have an important implication for couples, family counselors and educators.

Key Words: Marital Satisfaction, Communication Skills, Married Couples.

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