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Mental Health of Teachers Teaching in Government Schools, Madarsa and Private Schools

Shafeeqa Bano

Department of Education
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh


The present study is aimed at investigating “Mental health of teachers teaching in government schools, madarsa and private schools”. A sample of 900 teachers has been taken from madrasas, government and private schools (300 from each). The mental health battery (MHI-38) developed by Veil & Ware 1983(revised in 2005) have been used. The finding of the research indicated that a significant difference on the variable of Mental health was found among different school teachers namely, government, madarsa and private schools and a Significant difference was found on the variable of Mental health between the teachers of government & madarsa and private & madarsa school teachers and no significant difference was found between government & private school teachers. Mean value of government and private school teachers is more than madarsa school teachers.

Key words: Mental health, Teachers, Government schools, Private schools, Madarsa schools.

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