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Nature of Love to Shakespeare: A Modern Critical View

Ruhul Amin
Lecturer in English
Boro Solua New Model Degree College
Khulna (Bangladesh)


Shakespeare has a universal appeal as a modern philosopher. His Philosophy is well accepted by all concerned with the modernism. His treatment of love is a unique philosophical contribution to the all ages. The modern temperement can not but acknowledge that the nature of love as it is depicted in the works of Shakespeare is the true nature of love which is universal for the past, present and the years to come. Shakespeare has commented on love more than any other aspects of human life. He has focused on some salient characteristics of love like excessiveness of emotion, jealousy, irrationality, recklessness, madness, illegal relationship etc. The modern thinkers or philosophers have come to a conclusion that love is endless, devastating. peaceful and attracts lusts. This very view is not contradictory to that of Shakespeare. Rather, it echoes and welcomes Shakespeare’s
notions. The present study has reflected the contribution of Shakespeare for the flourishment of love and to show how far it assimilate to the love in modern views. In order to come out successful in this attempt, I have chosen some documentary books on the important commentaries and interpretations of Shakespeare. Books on comments, magazines and other publications have been chosen as the helping sources.

Key Words: Shakespeare, Love, Nature, Modern View, Universal Appeal.

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