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Perceived Deficiencies in Veterinary and Animal Science Curriculum as Revealed by the Students

P. Thilakar

Assistant Professor
Department of Veterinary and AH Extension Education
Madras Veterinary College
Chennai – 600 007

Hema Tripathi

Principal Scientist and Incharge
AKMU, ICAR – Central Institute on Research on Buffaloes
Hisar, Haryana


A survey was undertaken to assess the perceived deficiencies in Veterinary and Animal Science Curriculum among students in academic veterinary institutions. A total of 122 numbers of final year students at each of the four selected veterinary colleges viz., College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (CVASc) from Uttarakhand, Madras Veterinary College (MVC) from Tamil Nadu, Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (FVASc) from West Bengal, and Bombay Veterinary College (BVC) from Maharashtra formed the respondents of this study. The data were collected personally by using well structured pre tested questionnaire from the students through open ended questions. Allotment of more number of days for exam as one of the major deficiencies in the curriculum expressed by 94 per cent of students followed by coverage of large course contents in less credit hours (91.80 %), inadequate exposure to clinical cases of large animals (86.07 %), less hours for clinical ward (81.15 %). About 79 per cent students revealed low/minimum interaction between staff and students, difficultly in completion of courses contents due to less number of working days in a semester (77.87 %), less coverage for poultry science in curriculum (75.41 %) and inadequate practical exposure during the course of study (72.95 %).

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