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Personality of Poets

Benny E C

Assistant Professor and Vice Principal
Ri Bhoi College Nongpoh
Ri Bhoi College Mawdiangum Nongpoh Ri Bhoi District
Meghalaya 793102


Personality is a combination of various things, like how one thinks, acts, behaves, looks and feels. By creative writing we can observe, how a person thinks and his thoughts. Poetry is an element of creative writing. Each word and line in the poem carries the personality of the poet. The objective of this study is to explore the personality of poets and analyze qualitatively. Similarities between males and females poets is observed because of common themes – loneliness, inability to express, sadness, powerful, need for change and affection. Comparison of two genders reveal that male poets are more destructive, daring, thoughtful and the female more pessimistic, escapist, conserved, posses negative perception of self, careless and think deeply.

Keywords: Personality, Poets, Themes.

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