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Population Growth and Sustainability of Food Grain Production in Haryana

Sandeep Kumar

Research Scholar
Department of Geography
M.D. University, Rohtak, Haryana

Manju Sharma

Asst. Prof.
Department of Geography
D.N.P.G. College, Hisar
Haryana, India


The assuredness of nutritious and adequate food supply on long term basis for the entire human being is called as food secure condition. Undoubtedly in a provision of burdened global environment, aggravated by hasty growth of population and shrinking of natural resources, it is extremely challenging to ensure the excellence and quantitative dietary precautions particularly for developing nations. The present study is concerned with the state of Haryana which is known as bread basket of India. Though the state is agriculturally well developed yet it falls in alarming category of Global Huger Index. About 40 percent children suffer from various degree of malnutrition and 72 percent are anemic. On the basis of secondary data, the study tries to analyze that the rapid population growth is responsible for this quantitative and qualitative scarcity of food? It has been found that the even after more growth of food grain production than population increase, the area is struggling with dilemma of desired food to all which can be blame with other associated socio-economic determinants of food security.

Key word: Food security, Excellence, Hunger, Malnutrition.

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