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Research Problems faced by College Librarian in Present Scenario

Tarsem Lal

J C D A V College, Dasuya
Distt. Hoshiarpur, Punjab State


The paper discusses the problems of college librarian. The Librarians are facing problems such as lack of e-resources, inadequate ICT infrastructure, library and information centers, research & documentation centers, financial crunches, research environment, lack of cooperation and implementation of API. The librarian’s core function is disseminating the library services, assist the teaching communities in research and help the users in locating the documents. Research is a creative art, intellectual works, demands core depth, vast experience, advanced knowledge and patience. In India Dr. S.R. Ranganahan, the father of library and information started the library science discipline, library courses and further studies as certificate and diploma courses, B.lib and, M.lib and, M.Phil Ph.D and D.litt.

Key words: Research Problems, API Impact, LIS Development, Impact Factors.

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