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Satisfaction of Rural Women About Training Programmes Organized by District Agricultural Training Centre

Nagaratna C Kurbetta

Research Scholar
Department of Extension and Communication Management
College of Rural Home Science, University of Agricultural Sciences
Dharwad-580 005

Uma S Hiremath

Professor of Extension
Directorate of Extension
UAS, Dharwad

Manjula Patil

Assistant Professor
HDFS, College of Rural Home Science
UAS, Dharwad


The significance of training and education for improving the standard of living of a family, especially through homemakers has been recognized long back but has gain impetus only in the recent past. With this the study was conducted to know the satisfaction of rural women about training programmes. The study revealed that cent per cent of the trained rural women were fully satisfied with the technical competencies like technical matters, field work/visit, practical work and skill development. They also fully satisfied with physical facilities like lodging, classroom, transport, recreation and library facilities provided by the organization. In respect of communication cent per cent of the respondents satisfied fully with friendly atmosphere to exchange ideas with faculty, clear and complete information and medium of instruction. Also, most of the respondents (96.70%) were fully satisfied with training methodologies, teaching aids used and timely information of the daily activities during the training programmes. Cent per cent of the trained rural women satisfied fully about communicators subject skills, communication skills, interest in teaching and management ability of training programmes. The Garrett Ranking applied to the data regarding effectiveness of training methods and teaching aids showed that, the most effective training method expressed by trained women was field visits and it was ranked as top and films/3D films was the most effective teaching aid.

Key Words: DATC, Satisfaction, Training, Rural women.

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