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Self Help Groups (SHGs): Myth or Reality for Woman Empowerment

Mahammadhusen K

Ph.D. Research Scholar
Department of Agricultural Economics
College of Agriculture, Junagadh Agricultural University
Junagadh-362001, Gujarat

P R Kanani

Professor and Head
Department of Agricultural Extension
Junagadh Agricultural University
Junagadh-362001, Gujarat

Sipai Salman

Ph.D. Research Scholar
Department of Agricultural Extension
Anand Agricultural University
Anand-388110, Gujarat

Jagdish Joshi

Post Graduate Student
Navsari Agricultural University
Navsari, Gujarat


Woman empowerment plays greater role in the economic development of the nation by furnishing the equal opportunities to woman, so that they equally compete with man. The paper examined several studies to examine the impact of Self Help Group (SHGs) in woman empowerment. It was substantiated from the literature that SHG plays considerable role in attaining the financial inclusion especially for women and low-income families. After post SHGs formation, the member became more empowered in social, political, economical etc. arenas which enable them to access the greater control over their choice. The existing myth about microfinance hindering the reality of SHGs as it believed that microcredit help the poor to improve the quality of life by making them more prosperous. There is need to create awareness among women and put greater regulation on Micro-Finance Institution.

Key words: Woman empowerment, Economic development, Financial inclusion, Micro-finance institution.

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