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Should We Limit to Taste Tea or Proceed to Test Its Economy as Well

Arindam Chakrabarty

Assistant Professor
Department of Management
Rajiv Gandhi University (Central University)
Arunachal Pradesh-791112

Tenzing Norbu

Research Scholar
Centre for Management Studies (CMS)
NERIST (Deemed University, MHRD, Government of India)

Mudang Tagiya

Research Scholar
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology
Arunachal Pradesh-791110


India has been transforming on various indicators and dimensions which have been evidenced across the diversified segments. It has traversed different milestones through socialist economy, mixed economy and the modern form of capital induced mixed economic orientation. However, the agriculture & allied activities have been pioneering in economic development as around 60% of the population depends on this sector. In last four decades, the Indian economy has been witnessing a significant paradigm shift in terms of pattern of contribution i.e. the services sector has been the largest contributor (55%) to the GDP followed by manufacturing (29%) and agriculture & allied sectors (16%). The primary sector is largely dominated by plant-based agriculture. In the hilly terrain, the propensity of farming system is limited in terms of volume and variety except the tall woody plants or canes. These regions are still away from the main stream infrastructure, industrialization and so on. In fact, the hill economy solely rests within the limiting farming practices and relevant agro-based industry. Tea has been emerged as one of the important plantation crops in the hilly region. This paper has highlighted the status of tea production and exports by different countries in the world with reference to India. The study also provides the glimpse of tea production in Indian states with special reference to North East region and explores the emerging challenges in tea economy which needs to be addressed by appropriate strategies.

Key words: Tea Economy, GDP, North-Eastern States, India.

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