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Social and Psychological Correlates of Menopausal Symptoms on Middle Adulthood

Reetu Devi

Department of Human Development and Family Studies
I.C. Collage of Home Science
CCS HAU Hisar-125004

Pinki Rani

VPO, Ladhi. Tehduh, Hisar-125087


Menopause is a time of great change for women, both physically and emotionally. The present study was conducted in Hisar district of Haryana state. Two areas were selected for the study i.e rural and urban. In rural area village ladwa and from urban area Hisar city was selected purposively. Thirty middle adult women were selected from village Ladwa and 30 middle adult women were selected from Hisar city. Thus the total sample for the study was 60 middle adult women. Result revealed that 53.3% women weight were fall in high category i.e. 66 kg and above and 46.7 % women weight were fall in low category i.e. 50-65 kg in both areas. It shows that 55% women have periods 3-4 days and 45% women have periods 5-8days in both areas. It shows that majority of women were having moderate menopausal symptoms and rest have severe menopausal symptom in both areas. Result further reflects that majority of women have menopause in age group 42-46 years and rest women have menopause in age group 47-52 years in both areas. The mean score of height (5.31 ± 0.18), weight (64.38 ± 5.96), menopausal age (54.50 ± 9.37), menopausal symptoms (23.66 ± 4.35). It shows that the average age for middle adulthood menopause was 54.5 in Hisar district.

Key words: Menopause, Hot flashes and night sweats, Mild skin problems, Vaginal dryness, Diminished sex drive, and Mood swings.

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