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Bhargabi Kundu

School of Social Sciences
Netaji Subhas Open University
DD-26, Sector-I
Kolkata – 700064, West Bengal (India)

Dipak Bhowmik

Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Kanpur-208016, Uttar Pradesh (India)


The whole world is facing a big crisis due to the spreading of newly detected novel corona virus 2019 (COVID–19). A huge number of people have already been infected since last 4 months. People are thinking about the prevention of infected individuals, vaccine, medical treatment, and other precautions. The governments of most countries including India have already taken several measures like lockdown, social distancing, closure of schools, colleges, religious gatherings etc., to reduce its spreading. India is a developing country and most of the people are having below the standard income. So the lockdown in India has affected the poor and middle income group people. In this article, we will discuss in detail on the societal effects in India due to COVID–19 pandemic. The effects of health, essential commodities, Indian economy, domestic violence, politics, and psychology on society due to COVID–19 will be elaborated in detail. The aim of this research is to have a clear understanding of the present societal scenario during lockdown, which may help the government for better management and prevention of the disease.

Key words: COVID–19, Social Impacts, Indian Economy, Politics, Violence on Women.

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