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Sohel Mohammad

Teaching Associate
Centre for Disaster Management Technology for Animals
Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Bikaner,
Rajasthan (India)


The last seven or eight decades have seen several important men-made changes in the ecology and economy of Thar Desert. Primarily induced by the brining of Himalayan river water to the Thar region, first by the Gang Canal in Ganganagar and Hanumangarh districts and latter by Indira Gandhi Canal in the desert districts along the Indo-Pak border. These changes have set up a whole cycle of transforming the landscape as well as socio-economic features in this part of the state. Irrigated agricultural resulted in adoption of modern agricultural practices, including mechanized farming and its associated elements. The modern agricultural practices have increased growth of population and the settlement urbanization and some agro-based industrialization. The stimulus provided by the irrigated agriculture has affected the significant role of camel in agriculture and draught operations. The provision of roads and transportation facilities in the remote villages has also been instrumental in the declining role of camel in the district.

However, there is a dichotomy in the importance of camel rearing within the region. It would seen that camel rearing is more important in non-irrigated areas. The landless and the poor people still resort to keeping camels for agriculture as well as draught operations. While the comparatively resourceful persons in the urban areas use different types of vehicles for their earning through transportation of goats. The poorer among the urbanities still rely for making their living on the camel. These people use camel carts to transport various construction and other goats in the towns and the cities of the Thar Desert.


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