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Spatio-Temporal Pattern of Urbanisation in Haryana: A Micro Level Analysis

Manju Sharma

Assistant Professor
Department Of Geography
D.N. Post Graduate College
Hisar, Haryana, India

Sandeep Kumar

Post Graduate Teacher (Geography)
DSE, Haryana


Urbanisation is a complex socio-economic phenomenon which deals with the behavioural, structural and demographical transformations of the society. The scope of the present study is to clarify the trends and pattern of urban development in Haryana state at different time periods with identification of regional variations. The entire study is supported by secondary data obtained by various census publications. The spatial and temporal pattern has been shown using appropriate numerical techniques and mapping methods. The study find out that significantly, the state is experiencing unremitting augment in the proportion of urban population as a result of more liberal industrial policies as well as sharing a significant proportion of its area with national capital region (NCR).

Keyword: Urbanisation, Industrialization, Transformation and Development.

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