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Study on Health and Nutrition Status in Rural Ageing Group

Thatchinamoorthy, C

Ph.D., Scholar
Department of Agricultural Extension
Faculty of Agriculture, Annamalai University
Annamalai Nagar


“India lives in its Villages” Rural was backbone of our country as per census. Current population of India, 1.32 billion as of 16th August 2016 ( Nearly 70 per cent of the country population lives in rural areas report from latest census. In this present paper focus on health and nutrition status in ageing group is given. Ageing is a continuous, irreversible, universal process, which starts from conception till the death of an individual. However, the age at which one’s productive contribution declines and one tends to be economically dependent can probably be treated as the onset of the aged stage of life. Ageing is a universal biological fact and a natural process. It begins from the day we are born, or perhaps even before. The perception of age, however, is socially constructed. Isolation, exclusion and marginalization of older persons are the consequences of age discrimination. This study Dietary modifications and clinical and health status of the subjects were recorded by using pre-tested questionnaire. Etiology of the chronic renal disease, complications and biochemical parameters were documented from the case files. The nutritional status of the patients was assessed by dietary, anthropometric and biochemical methods. Suitable dietary guidelines were formulated for dialectics and predialytics based on associated conditions such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus and patient’s glomerular filtration rate. Low protein, sodium and potassium and high carbohydrate diets were formulated for predialytics and high protein, low sodium and potassium for dialysis, making variations according to individual requirements.

Key words: Health and Nutrition, Ageing group, Dietary modifications

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