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Nazmus Sakib

Ex. Lecturer
ILIS, Mymensingh (Bangladesh)

Ehteshamul Haque Farabi

M.S. student of CSE
IUB, Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Enamul Haque

Principal (Honorary)
ILIS, Mymensingh (Bangladesh)


Information is a crucial resource for the progress of a nation. Libraries are responsible for meeting the needs of information for users. The emergence of ICT is one of the wonderful gift s of current technology which has brought remarkable changes in library service to meet the needs of user. The digital revolution in library has driven by the innovation of ICT. ICT have converted library and information center worldwide and internet provides the global access to information. ICT have changed the academic library in a profound way. This study is mainly of empirical in nature. The study delineates ICT based activities in Bangladesh Agriculture University (BAU) central library and also historical development of library. This study is designed and carried out with the view to determine the overall situation of Bangladesh Agriculture University central library in terms of technological application and their use in information organization, dissemination and transformation process. It attempts to explore some problems ICT based library by the authority and recommends for adoption of these new technologies in order to improve their functions and information services to the users. Finally, this study suggest some of effective measures and to provide future directions for adoption of new technologies in libraries to improve the library functions and qualities of information services to the users and to connect the library globally.
Key words: ICT Based Activities; Library technology; Digital Library; Koha ILS; BAU Library.

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