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Study on the Role of Information Technology in Changing the Scenario of Rural Society of Gwalior district (M.P.)

Mukesh Singh

PA Extension Education KVK, Rajgarh
Abhilasha Sharma
Contractual Teacher Extension Dptt.

Lal Singh

Scientist KVK
Videshi Bhaladhare
Phd Research scholar
Sehore M.P.India.


The present study was conducted in 2013-14 at Gwalior District of Madhya Pradesh INDIA. The main objective of the study was to find out the changes made in rural society for the development, by the information technology. The study revealed that majoriety of the respondent had made educational changes in their knowledge, entrepreneurial changes in their knowledge, technological changes in their respective enterprise and majority of respondents made change in their other social aspect like food habits, dressing sense, cultural activities, religious activities, purchasing power and KASA. (Knowledge, Skill, Attitude and action ) due to information technology.

Key words: Rural Society, Change, Education, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Social aspects.

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