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The Glass Menagerie of Tennessee Williams

Benny EC

Assistant Professor and Vice Principal
Ri Bhoi College Nongpoh
Ri Bhoi College Mawdiangum Nongpoh Ri Bhoi District
Meghalaya 793102


Oscar Wilde wrote that “Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us.”

The characters of “The Glass Menagerie” desired perfection in the play. Although they find glimmers of hope throughout the story, each time it is extinguished like the candles at the end of the play. Even though Tom recollects to commemorate his family and their tragic existence, he does so with the “Appearance of Truth” and “Illusions” that proves how fragile and deceitful memory can be. All the characters are unable to accept and relate to this reality and withdraw into a private world of illusion where they find the comfort and meaning which world fails to offer.

Key words: Drama, Memory Play, Naturalism, Mnemonic Structure, Modern Realism.

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